About us

We specialise in Wedding Photography, ensuring you end up with the perfect story of your big day. Based in Sydney but have travelled around and are always prepared to travel around the World. Photographing people can be the most challenging and rewarding experience of all. We prefer an unobtrusive, photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, capturing the essence of your relationships and personalities, and the many little personal details which makes every wedding experience uniquely yours.  We are quite a friendly and passionate team and very easy to work with.

Adnan Kabir is a creative artist and the founder of Adiz Photography. His passion for photography all began from childhood where he would always challenge himself when it came to capturing and producing the utmost beautiful classic images in order to be able to treasure them forever… It all began with drawings and painting portraits and beautiful landscape that he would be mesmerised with.  It was a one man show 7 years ago and now we have an amazing bunch of talented team members.